This Is Our World: From Alaska to the Amazon, Meet 20 Children Just Like You (2022)

Wilding, Valerie

Gilland, Åsa

Original language

Publishing house
Macmillan Children's Books

2022 English

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24 x 28


ISBN: 978-1529062304

Available languages:
  • English
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This Is Our World’ is a colourful celebration of our planet’s cultural and environmental diversity – an unforgettable journey and a highly-accessible home reference that brings the people, customs and wildlife of twenty places around the world vividly to life for young readers. The guides are children who tell us about the animals, plants and weather that they encounter; the feasts and festivals they enjoy; and the clothes they wear, the way they learn, the languages they speak, and the sports and games they play. The tour is truly global, as we journey from Australia’s desolate Red Centre to bustling Beijing, from the windswept Outer Hebrides to the rock houses of Cappadocia in Turkey, via the Amazon rainforest, New York City, the Siberian tundra, and a floating village in Cambodia. (8-12 yrs)