puente, köprü, ponte, silta, Γεφυρα - géfyra, bridge


Illustration by Avi Ofer for BRIDGE project

What is BRIDGE?

BRIDGE endeavours to foster information literacy (as well as digital, visual and media literacy) as a vital basis for educating an informed citizenry that will stand up to disinformation, hate speech and fake news, enhancing the relevance of curiosity, empathy, enquiry-based learning and critical thinking, starting from childhood. To this end, information literacy should be placed at the heart of education.

The main purpose of BRIDGE is to create a transnational cooperation network for the exchange of good practices and resources for the joint promotion of information and digital literacy as a way of underpinning education in equality values in primary schools. The proposal is aimed for children in the approximate middle primary school stage (aged 8-11 years) and intends to take advantage of the educational potential of children’s literature (especially picture books) and transmedia to engage with students about equality, diversity and inclusiveness and global citizenship, and as a door to information and digital literacy activities that help to encourage enquiry-led learning and critical thinking.