Saving Sorya: Chang and the Sun Bear (2021)

Nguyen, Trang

Zdung, Jeet

Original language

Publishing house
Macmillan Children's Books

2021 English

Awards or honours:

Winner of the 2023 Yoto Carnegie Medal for Illustration

31 x 22


ISBN: 978-0753446591

Available languages:
  • English
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Written by scientist and environmental activist Trang Nguyen, this is an inspirational graphic-novel adventure, based on a true story about a young conservationist who overcomes the odds to save a sun bear. When Chang discovers a bear farm near her home in Vietnam, she decides to do everything she can to save wild animals – by becoming a conservationist! After teaching herself survival skills and learning all she can about the rainforest, Chang is finally accepted as a rescue centre volunteer. But her toughest challenge yet comes when she makes a vow to return Sorya – the sun bear she raised from infancy – back to the wild. Because despite being a different species, Sorya is Chang’s best friend. And letting a friend go is never easy, even when it’s the right thing to do. With breathtaking graphic-novel style illustrations by award-winning manga artist Jeet Zdung, Chang’s daring story is for any young reader, animal lover, and intrepid explorer who’s ready for adventure. (7-11 yrs)