Nuestro rincón (2022)

Marina Núñez

Avi Ofer

Publishing house
Triqueta Editora

2022, Spanish

26 x 24


ISBN: 978-84-18687-28-0

Available languages:
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
Available translation:

Catalan: El nostre racó


The neighbourhood wakes up to bad news: the corner where the children play every afternoon will soon disappear. Where will all their stories go next? Can they do anything to save it?

Nuestro rincón (our translation: Our corner) tells a story that takes place in a very special place, a green space where everything is possible, in the middle of a big city. When the children discover that this corner where they have lived so many adventures is going to disappear, they begin to take care of it as never before and dream of everything that could happen there if it were not to come to an end soon. When the dreaded day arrives, they decide to stand up to the machines that threaten to destroy the space and unite to protect the place where they have spent so many good times. Only collectively will they be able to save this special place, with the support of their families and the whole neighbourhood.