La jaula (2020)

Germán Machado

Cecilia Varela

Publishing house

2020, Spanish

Awards or honours:

White Ravens Award 2019

Cuatrogatos Foundation Award 2019

The Best of the Banco del libro (Book Bank) 2019

21,5 x 27


ISBN: 978-84-1749-769-9

Available languages:
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
Available translation:

Catalan: La gàbia


La jaula (our translation: The cage) tells the story of Nil, a boy who finds a cage in the storeroom and asks his parents for a hamster to put inside the cage. His parents flatly refuse, but finally, thanks to his grandfather, Nil gets one.

The fate of the hamster in the cage is what Nil’s parents had anticipated, but the ending of the story is shocking and manages to shake you up inside. The cage is an allegory about freedom and its limits and about the different concepts that young and old have about it.

This work could be used as a starting point to deal with the confinement and exploitation of animals. It would also be interesting to reflect on the consequences of releasing a captive animal into a habitat that is not its own, as the protagonist considers in the book.