Ella es mi papá. Una historia para peques que tienen adres, amistades o familiares trans (2021)

Sarah Savage

Joules García

Original language
English (She's My Dad!: A Story for Children Who Have a Transgender Parent or Relative)

Publishing house

2022, Spanish

21 x 21


Lucas Platero

ISBN: 978-84-1872-326-1

Available languages:
  • Spanish
  • Catalan
  • English
Available translation:

Catalan: Ella és el meu papa


“My dad’s name is Helena. She used to be a boy, and now she’s a girl. Last year she did something called transition. He grew his hair long, painted his nails pretty colours and started to look different”. When Mimi’s cousin mistakenly names Helena, Mimi explains that she didn’t like it and why it is important to treat trans people with respect. Mimi talks about gender identity, helping others who have trans family and friends to become familiar with it and feel empowered. This picture book can help you have conversations with children about someone they love who has transitioned, or it can simply help you start talking about the lives of trans people in general. It includes ideas on how to address trans people and about family diversity. At the end there is a short reading guide and a glossary.