Proyectos documentales integrados (2012)


Rosa Piquín Cancio

Fondo de Publicaciones del Gobierno de Navarra

Departamento de Educación del Gobierno de Navarra


Original language

Available languages:
  • Spanish
  • Basque
Available translation:

Basque: Proiektu dokumental integratuak


Integrated Documentary Projects (in the original Spanish resource: Proyectos Documentales Integrados, PDI) are activities in which students, in addition to researching a specific topic or problem, become familiar with the procedures for information search and intellectual work using the information resources of the School Library. They are projects because they are developed through an active and collaborative methodology to develop basic skills. They are documentary because students build their knowledge from the documents of any kind they can access thanks to the school libraries, developing creativity and the ability to communicate what they understand. And they are integrated because they also allow for the integration of learning from different disciplines and serve to bring the school world closer to everyday life.

This work by Rosa Piquín, a pioneer in the implementation of information literacy activities in schools in Spain, is extremely useful in order to approach the design and development of these projects that place the school library at the centre of education. Integrated Documentary Projects are an excellent holistic proposal for working on information and digital competences, mobilising knowledge, skills and attitudes related to the use of information in the corresponding processes of searching, processing and communication.

This resource is available in open access at the link provided.