MOde. Museo Officina dell’educazione

Università di Bologna

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The MOde (Museo Officina dell’educazione) is a digital museum that collects, catalogs and exhibits tangible and intangible expressions of educational culture.
The primary objective of the MOde is to offer a space to get to know and and share the tangible and intangible testimonies of educational culture through the participation of a large community of practice, set by experts in the field of museum education and cultural heritage.
The MOde, fully accepting the sharing possibilities offered by the Web, allows all visitors to perform the following activities:
– obtain information organized in a flexible way ensuring the autonomy of learning;
– carry out structured and personalized visit itineraries;
– participate in communities of practice to discuss issues of museum education and cultural heritage;
– design the «Sala bianca» (white room), a digital environment aimed at setting up exhibition itineraries on specific educational themes .
The room dedicated to Special Education and disability are very interesting , as well as those dedicated to the BolognaRagazzi Awards and to the education in artists’ rapresentation.