ETWINNING – If you come to Earth (2022)

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Quality Label Nazionale
European Quality Label
Premio nazionale eTwinning (Italia) – Categoria: scuola primaria 2022

ICS di Zoppola (PN)
ICS 4 di Quartu Sant’Elena (CA)

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eTwinning is the largest community of teachers and schools in Europe. It is an Action funded by the European Commission and part of the Erasmus+ Program which allows all school teachers in the participating countries to access an online collaboration and networking platform.
IF YOU COME TO EARTH is an awarded collaborative project that involved some primary school classes in four countries: Italy, France, Poland and Greece. Starting from a story that inspired the journey of an extra-terrestrial puppet visiting the 5 schools involved, the pupils discovered places, traditions, cultural aspects of their respective partners, using digital tools appropriate to their age and improving their language skills. The activities were developed throughout the school year and they addressed three main themes: diversity among project partners (children involved, schools, countries), diversity in culture (languages, alphabets, recipes, houses, etc.) and the diversity in the nature of the various countries.