Project results

The main expected project results will be:

PR1:  REPORT AND CALL FOR ACTION on the need to promote information and digital literacy in the school curriculum, which will serve as background reading for institutions and stakeholders in our countries to understand its importance. It will also highlight the key importance of libraries, both school and public, for the implementation and sustainability of any information literacy initiative.


PR2:  OPEN ACCESS PORTAL WITH SELECTED RESOURCES AND BEST PRACTICES to promote information and digital literacy in primary education. The portal will be multilingual, including the languages of the project countries (Spanish, English, Italian, Turkish, Finnish and Greek). The platform will also include a section with selected children’s literature references and transmedia resources particularly interesting as a basis for information literacy proposals. In principle, the selection will be organised by topics that help in the education of equality values and the promotion of critical thinking in the use of information (such as gender equality, disabilities and inclusion, ecology, intercultural issues and understanding, health literacy, digital challenges, resilience, etc.).


PR3:  TRAINING SEMINAR WITH GUIDELINES ON HOW TO INTEGRATE INFORMATION AND DIGITAL LITERACY FOR PRIMARY SCHOOL CURRICULUM. A seminar will be developed in each partner country, with recommendations for curriculum design on how to implement information and digital literacy with an emphasis on how to promote the values of equality, inclusion and diversity in an embedded manner in the school curriculum. The seminar will also serve to disseminate and share the project’s materials (report and portal) and the recommendations will be shared on the project’s website.