Interactive Simulations for Primary Education– PhEΤ


PhET Interactive Simulations / University of Colorado - Translation / adaptation in Greek language by Giannis Kaskamanidis, Vaggelis Koltsakis, Ioannis Lefkos, and Kostis Chalkiadakis

PhET Interactive Simulations / University of Colorado

PhET Interactive Simulations / University of Colorado

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  • English
  • Greek
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Greek: Διαδραστικές Προσομοιώσεις για την πρωτοβάθμια εκπαίδευση – PhEΤ


The educational resource “Interactive Simulations for Primary Education – PhEΤ” includes interactive simulations for physics, chemistry, mathematics, geology and biology to be used in classroom. The educational material is provided online and the simulations have been translated and are available in the Greek language. Educators have free access (upon registration) to specialized support resources per simulation with induction videos, activities, and interactive educational material. The PhET simulations are quite adaptable and may be used in several different ways in the classroom.